The rumors by the time you get to the back of the flight are vastly different at the front of the flight.

Since they made the flight, I was obliged to return Max’s camera to Julie. There may be some, questionable, imagery on there now that wasn’t there before.

I guess we’ll have to harass others in SLC

This circumnavigating the globe in 8 days is really a crazy thing. I’m really glad to be a part of it.

We lost our escort to the airport in Bangkok. We did a high speed tour through the city with 2 murcielagos, 1 porsche turbo, a cl 600, and a bentley GT. We tried to pay a local to take us to the airport, who refused but later helped for free. We even kidnapped a Thai airport official to navigate the airport. Problem solving at its best. We were the last to arrive on the tarmac at Bangkok International. Did I mention we were almost out of fuel again?? (Because we can’t ship the cars with much fuel)

Some stuff from Dustin’s notes:

Bam’s Gallardo looks like some tried to do donuts in it (it’s all wheel drive, so you can’t) There is a scuff on the rim and dirt on the side that wasn’t there before. They have to start it in third, there is no reverse gear either.

Jeff’s F430 lost a tire driving high speed over an unmarked part of the highway in Thailand that turned to gravel. Ferrari of Bangkok got them new rubber and a tow in abouit 6 hrs. They arrived about that far behind us at the hotel.

Christain’s GT2 did a 720 in the rain in Thailand at about 130 mph. Went off road and plowed about 140 ft of 4 wheel ruts in the grass. He need a quick tow hook tow from a passing 18 wheeler and he was back in business with just a few scratches.

The VW bus with the Porsche engine and NO2 broke down but made the hotel. We don’t know what happened. The 996 twin turbo cabriolet (white) threw a fan belt. It made the hotel too. We don’t know if they were tows or repaired.

(You can tell there is a long flight here.)

Henry from Miami offered a very expensive watch to sit in 1st class instead of coach on our private jet. Managed to get a seat without having to give up the watch.

The /real/ count from Serbia was 500,000 people came out to see us. At least according to Serbian officials, but I was there and believe it. Easily Serbia has given us the warmest reception we’ve seen yet.

And there are rumors of shirts that euphemistically say, “I shagged a Gumballer.

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