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Day 6: Gumball Goes Global

What do a Ferrari, a Lamby Gallardo and a CB antennea have in common? 200mph – and flying, that’s what. Not only are the machines flying, apparently, so are their attachments….

…Gumball 3000 continues with gleeful abound for another day of fast adventure….

Some minor damage occurred after some wee accidents – but nothing too harsh as to stop the guts of a Gumballer…. Simply apply an Elastoplast to said vehicle, kiss it better, then grin and floor it….

With travel removed from the grip of our feisty drivers, the GumBabies boarded the 757 en route to Salt Lake City, US. A bunch of phat cars on a big bird across the ocean for more fierce speed-frolicks after several days of hard driving and relentless partying = an impossible mission? Oh, no. It can only signal the arrival of the Cult of Gumball in Salt Lake City. Lord Maximillion and the Merry Crew have entered the state of Utah (I wish the flight crew all the very best; I suspect that their training didn’t cover such unusually spectacular passengers).

Mission Impossible? Well, ok, yeah – they continue to fight the need for slumber and get to see the premiere of MP 3, but there is little that is impossible with our precious demonic Speed-Babies. However, as hardcore-living goes (you heard it here first) on Friday night, the maniacs are spending the evening going to a movie…. ;p

(I hear your wrath, my tongue is firmly placed in my cheek with that statement)

That said, I reckon that trying to chill and watch a movie with the Cuban Brothers rioting in the background makes it anything but an average flick…. Try scoffing your popcorn or getting snoggy with your chosen target when a Cuban Bro’s spinning on your head. Now, THAT’S mission impossible….

One thing about the Gumball is how it crosses the boundaries of language and culture via machines of lust and slog. I’m totally proud to announce that Team 79 are embracing this and have reported that they have learnt a solid and staple phrase of another language: “Viltu Rida

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