Havin a bit of a mare at the mo, Leathered it through Belgium and were
3rd out of Vienna but now cant get over 70 miles an hour! Police
everywhere, been pulled 7 times and taken to the police station twice!
Doing my head in. Cant even get any kip as the bastards keep waking me
up! Hey ho guess that’s the gumball, nothing that a few beers and a
couple of cheeky ones wont sort. As we speak pulled again number 8! And
we had just been overtaken by a Clio!

Ha that was hilarious this time they just wanted to have a spin in the
car, and they gave me there police card (police have business cards!) in
case we get pulled again (very likely)

Think we are probably middle of the pack now, ant and pete somehow
managed to get some speed up and our a good 70 miles ahead. Guess they
can get the beers in then!

Will send u a couple of pics later when I have better signal and not on
the move.

All the best nods

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