Team 26

Team 26 Pre Gumball 2006 Interview:

What’s your name (and your team name & Team number)?

Dean, Team 26 and this year we will be FLA5H!

Who’s you co-driver?

Paul (Nods)

What car are you driving in this year Gumball? (Make, model, year, specs)

2005 Lamborghini Murcielago spider FLASH

Do you have any special gadgets in your car?

Cigarette lighter

What preparations did you take for Gumball?


Do you have any special outfits?

Nods has loads

Did you participate in Gumball before?

Yes, 2004 & 2005

What car did you do the previous Gumballs in?

Ferrari 360 Spider

What’s your best experience from previous Gumballs?

Having to charter a russian cargo plane so that we could make the party in Cannes in 2004.

Why did you decide to join the craziest rally on earth?

Paul’s wife entered us without our knowledge

What’s more important to you the driving or the partying and why?

The Driving – stop feeding us buffet’s, Max!

Are you competing for the win?

Gonna take it easy this year, eh Nod’s?

What’s your favorite Gumball car?

Our Lamborghini!

What was your first car?

Vauxhall Chevette Or Shove It as I affectionally called it.

What’s the biggest fine you ever had?

35 Euros ha ha

Do you have a drivers license?


Do you think you still have one after the Gumball?

Of course ..ahem

What would you like to say to your fellow Gumballers?

Last one there gets the beer in!

What do you want the fans to do when they see you?

Get their tit’s out (the girls, that is!)

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