Lamborghini Gallardo

We had a little interview today with one of the participants of the 2006 edition of the Gumball rally. His name is James and he is proud owner of a black Lamborghini Gallardo.

What do you expect from this years Gumball Rally?

“I’m expecting this years gumball to be physically the most demanding, due to
the long flying times between stages. We have two 15 hour flights, one
alone has a time change of 15 hours!”

Do you have any special gadgets in your car?

“No special gadgets really. We’ve got a police strobe light for some night
time fun ;) A couple of digital camcorders for footage on the road. Laptop
and GPRS quad band phone. Handheld GPS, and in car satnav. That’s about

What’s your best experience from previous Gumballs?

“Its hard to pic a best moment from the last couple of years. The best drive
we had was through Croatia in 2005. Although the Moroccan mountain stage in
2004 comes a close second. The night time arrival in Belgium last year was
incredible though. So many people out to see us arrive in the middle of the
night. A totally surreal experience. We couldn’t see where the road went
for all the people.”

Team 96

Tips for new Gumballers?

“Don’t drink too much on the first night party, you
will seriously regret it on day one. Normally the first day is the longest
stage, so being hung over isn’t a great start to a long drive. Try to team
up with a few more cars, safer traveling in a pack, and more fun too. Ohh
and don’t forget to bring plenty of red bull!”

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