Gumball 2006

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New update for the 2006 Gumball Rally!

Dear 2006 Gumballers (and fans),

February is now with us and there is now less than three months to go until the start in central London! With only 5 spaces now remaining we have cars ranging from Bugatti Veryons’ and one off Ferraris driven by Arab sheiks to eccentric car enthusiasts in old Astons. This year will provide the most amazing mix of cars ever to be seen together, a true spectacle for participants and crowd alike and this really will go down as being the most talked about event of the year. With 250,000 fans watching last years start we are expecting even bigger crowds this year with all of the major cities the rally travels through getting behind the event. This Gumball will also be filmed for an 8 part TV series to be distributed by ESPN worldwide and will provide a backdrop for a Gumball 3000 Hollywood scripted film. Pamela Anderson and Missy Elliot will be joining us for the US leg and Gumball veterans Adrien Brody, Johnny Knoxville and Tony Hawk will be on the road with us for this 3000 mile adventure.

Confirmed dates are the 29th of April until the 7th of May.
29 April – Registration Day and Start Party
30 April – Rally start in the afternoon
1-2nd May – Europe leg
3-5th May – Asian leg
6-7th May – US leg

Below is a list of countries along the 2006 Gumball route:


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  1. Gumball has to cross holland!
    If you don’t go through the ”Randstad”, than you have miles and miles of stretched high way and also miles and miles of more difficult roads, to make the rally more fun.
    Holland has loads of gumball fans and a history of making beautiful exotic cars (Donkervoort, Spyker, etc.)
    I would really want to see the whole Gumball crew + cars in Holland.
    Hope my wish one day will come out, when it does I will be ready.

  2. I watch your race every year, and it is great. But i have a problem for this year route. I live in Croatia, and i dont think sow that the Serbia is the best rout for this year. I dont know if you know there´s roads. They are not very good at all. But i assume that you will have largger numbers of Hummers and other Jeeps this year.

    can´t wait to begain race this year!!!!

  3. London start is looking even better than all the past years, even though I didn’t think that possible! Lol
    By the way, does anyone know whats goin on with the party on Saturday 29th Night? Where and when?


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