Team Polizei - BMW M5 driven by Alex Roy

During the 2005 Gumball Alex Roy of Team Polizei get’s a police escort to the nearest petrol station in Florence, Italy. The police in a Subaru Impreza clears the way for the BMW M5. It’s one of the funniest videos of the Gumball 2005!

Watch the video:

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  1. this shit is hilarious, fuckin awesome. if only all police were like this. on a sidenote, the woman in that car is quite possibly one of the most annoying creatures to ever walk this planet. she would NOT stop squaking, the entire time, even 8 minutes in she’d freak out and make high pitched annoying noises at the shit the cops were doing, even though they had been doing it for damn near 10 min straight. someone shouda sedated her. other than that great clip


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