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Video: 997 Turbo GT RSC 3.6 vs Gallardo GT540

What about a comparison between a Porsche 997 Turbo GT RSC 3.6 from Cargraphic and a Lamborghini Gallardo GT540 from BF-Performance? D Motor asked...

Cargraphic Aston Martin V8 Vantage

Earlier this year German tuninghouse Cargraphic presented the solution to get your Porsche over a speedhump without making any damage. Today we can show...

Cargraphic Airforce System for Porsche 911 series

It's always sad to see a sportscar with scrapes on the rims or nose after hitting a curb or speed bump because the...

Porsche GT3 RSC 4.0

Now that we start to get used to Porsche Tuning, a tuner caller Cargraphic showed up with his stunning result. Based on the Porsche...