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Top Gear Season 23 Episode 6

Top Gear Season 23 Episode 6 is the final episode in the newly revamped car show, bringing an end to the first season of...

Video: McLaren P1 LM Tears Goodwood Hill Climb with a 47s Flash Run!

This year's Goodwood Festival of Speed will go down as one of the most impressive in recent memory due in part to the record...

Video: Meet All the Cars from Fast and Furious 8

The latest installment of the octane fueled Fast and Furious series of movies is well underway and today we get a closer look at...

Top Gear Season 23 Episode 5

Top Gear Season 23 Episode 5 is packed with action from the BMW M2, Zenos E10 R, the Jaguar F-Type SVR Roadster and the...

Video: 2300hp Lamborghini Shatters 1/2 Mile World Record Speed at 240MPH!

Gidi has done it again in his monstrous 2013 Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera Twin Turbo built by Underground Racing. The Alpha G owner claimed the...

Top Gear Season 23 Episode 4

Top Gear Season 23 Episode 4 is the fourth episode of the newly revamped show which airs tomorrow at 8 PM on BBC 2....

Video: Insane Nissan GT-R Driven Hard at the Nurburgring

Ever since it was released, the Nissan GT-R has been the performance car of choice for those looking to blow the doors off exotics...

Top Gear Season 23 Episode 2

Top Gear Season 23 Episode 2 had a lot to prove, picking up from different reactions incurred after the first episode last Sunday. Its...

Video: Ferrari F40 Review – The Foundation of Hypercars

The Ferrari F40 is widely regarded as the greatest supercar ever produced by Ferrari. For some, it is even the greatest supercar produced by...

Watch Christian von Koenigsegg’s Reaction in the Bugatti Veyron

There are very few people in the world who have experienced a car that can accelerate anywhere near as fast as a Bugatti Veyron. One...