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The latest and greatest car videos made or found by the GTspirit team. Watch the best automotive videos online. Made or found a video you think we should share? Send it to us!


Video: Supercar Snowstorm Rally in Canada

Would you drive your supercar in the snow? A few weeks ago ZR Auto in Canada held their season closer drive, a trip to...

Video: Lamborghini Aventador Screams to the Limit on the Dyno!

With a high-revving naturally-aspirated 6.5-litre V12 engine, the Lamborghini Aventador is capable of sprinting to 100 km/h in a mere 2.9 seconds and a...

Video: Ferrari F12tdf Makes Official Moving Debut

The official video of the insane Ferrari F12tdf has just been released. Following on from the hardcore F12's recent debut during Ferrari's Mondiali event...

Video: 3000hp Corvette Slides and Gets Airborne at Drag Racing Event

The driver of an absolutely insane 3000 hp Corvette recently encountered just what can go wrong when piloting such an immensely powerful car in...

Video: 800hp Corvette Crashes During Street Race

Footage has just surfaced online showing the moment that an 800 hp C6 Chevrolet Corvette crashed in the midst of a high-speed street race...

Video: Harris’s Porsche 918 Spyder, LaFerrari and McLaren P1 Track Test!

After a selection of teasers, Chris Harris has just released his eagerly anticipated comparison test between the Ferrari LaFerrari, Porsche 918 Spyder and McLaren...

Video: Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 Sets 11.96 Second 1/4 Mile

Developed as Ford's ultimate Mustang for the racetrack, the 2015 Mustang Shelby GT350 provides track performance previously never seen on a Mustang. As with...

Video: Rolls-Royce Dawn in the Flesh in Belgium

Fresh off the back of the Rolls-Royce Dawn's world debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show 2015 in September, the British marque brought an example...

Video: Mazzanti Evantras Hit Tuscany’s Hills

A brand new promo video has just been released of the exclusive Mazzanti Evantra sports car. While it remains unknown just how many units...

Video: Up Close With Justin Bieber’s Liberty Walk Ferrari 458 Italia

Earlier in the year, Justin Bieber's well-known Ferrari 458 Italia underwent its most thorough transformation to date thanks to West Coast Customs. Over previous...



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