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Official: 380hp G-Power BMW M235i

Famous tuning house, G-Power, has managed to squeeze 380 horsepower out of the BMW M235i with nothing more than an ECU chip. According to G-Power,...
G-Power M3

Official: 740hp G-Power BMW M3 RS E9X

Germany based tuner G-Power once again got their toolkit out and started tinkering on the timeless BMW M3 E92. The result is a 740hp...
G-Power BMW M5

Official: G-Power BMW F10 M5 with 740hp

G-Power has just revealed its latest range of tuning modifications for the potent BMW M5. Typically, the twin-turbocharged 4.4-litre V8 engine of the M5 pumps...
BMW X5 M with 700hp

Official: 700hp G-Power BMW X5 M

With 560 hp on tap as standard, the BMW X5 M is one of the fastest and most accelerative SUVs on the market. For...

Official: 729hp G-Power BMW M6

If G-Power’s crazy 1001 hp upgrade for the BMW M6 is just a little bit too insane for you, then the company’s latest M6...

Video: 1001hp G-Power BMW M6 Acceleration Run

A few months ago, famed BMW tuner G-Power unveiled its G6M V10 Hurricane CS Ultimate based around the BMW M6 and pumping out a...
G-Power BMW X6 M50d

Official: G-Power BMW X6 M50d

The crew at G-Power has just unveiled its range of modifications for the X6 M50d. As standard, the X6 M50d features one of the...
G-Power Mercedes-benz S63 AMG with 705hp

Official: G-Power Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG

While G-Power is best known for its extensive BMW upgrades, the tuning company has just unveiled its range of modifications for the already-potent Mercedes-Benz...
Official: G-Power BMW X6 M with 650hp

Official: G-Power BMW X6 M With 650hp

G-Power has just unveiled its range of upgrades for the latest BMW X6 M. As we’ve come to expect from the German tuner, its...

G-Power Reveals Modified BMW 435d xDrive Coupe

G-Power has just taken the wraps off its tuning package for the exciting BMW 435d xDrive Coupe. While the 4-Series in question is indeed...