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Kylie Jenner’s Ferrari 458 Gets Matte Grey Wrap and Forgiato Wheels

Earlier in the month, Kylie Jenner was given a Ferrari 458 Spider for her 18th birthday from her rapper boyfriend and known supercar collector,...
Novitec 458 Speciale For Sale

Unique Novitec Ferrari 458 Speciale Hits the Market

An exceptionally eye-catching 2015 Ferrari 458 Speciale customised by Novitec Rosso is currently up for sale in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for $429,900. The Novitec bodykit...

Gorgeous Blue Ferrari 458 Italia Poses on Bespoke Vossen Wheels

If you haven’t heard of PlastiDip, then Google it and return to this article. For those too lazy to Google it, PlastiDip is essentially...
Ferrari 458 Speciale for sale front

Unique Gold, Black and White Ferrari 458 Speciale For Sale

A very interesting 2015 Ferrari 458 Speciale is currently up for sale courtesy of Romans International in the United Kingdom. For starters, this 458...

Video: Ferrari 458 Speciale A With Capristo Exhaust Takes Over Monaco!

As the last ever mid-engined Ferrari produced with a naturally-aspirated V8 engine, it is inevitable that the Ferrari 458 Speciale A will become a...

Justin Bieber’s Ferrari 458 Italia Gets Liberty Walk Transformation

Ever since Justin Bieber took delivery of his Ferrari 458 Italia a few years back, it has undergone a plethora of eye-catching transformations. It...

20-Year-Old Burns His Ferrari 458 Italia For Insurance Payout

It has emerged that a 20-year-old recently set fire to his Ferrari 458 Italia in an attempt to receive a new model from his...
Litchfield Reveals New Ferrari 458 Performance Package

Litchfield Reveals New Ferrari 458 Performance Package

The crew at Litchfield Imports in the United Kingdom has just released its performance package for the Ferrari 458 Italia. The future supercar icon...
Ferrari 458 Italia at Fiorano

Ultimate Maranello Adventure: Disney World to a Ferrari Lover!

The last 5 years of my life have been in pursuit of my dream to create and host a TV show about exotic cars...
Ferrari 458 Italia crashes hard in Hong Kong

Video: Ferrari 458 Italia Crashes Hard in Hong Kong!

A Ferrari 458 Italia has been left badly damaged after crashing into a minivan in Hong Kong. The entire sequence of events was captured...