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Gallardo LP550-2 India Serie Speciale

Lamborghini Aventador and Gallardo LP550-2 India Serie Speciale Snapped!

Throughout the ten year production run of the Lamborghini Gallardo, an almost incomprehensible number of special editions were launched. One of the rarest...
Ferrari California T Hong Kong Launch

Ferrari California T Hong Kong Launch

Shortly after its international debut, the Ferrari California T was in Hong Kong for a VIP/media preview event in early May. Coincidentally, the preview occured...
Lamborghini Hong Kong

Lamborghini Hong Kong Opens First Pop-up Museum in Asia Pacific

After its success in Germany and the UK, Hong Kong becomes the third place (and first in the Asia Pacific) where the Lamborghini Pop-up...
Gumpert Apollo Replica in China

Gumpert Apollo Replica in China is Impressive Overkill

Gumpert may be a company on the edge of solvency these days, yet this video proves just how popular their cars still are. Especially...
Time to Attack Sepang

Gallery: 2014 TimeToAttack Sepang Round 1

The TimeToAttack racing series held across Malaysia and Singapore gathers together some of the world’s absolutely greatest sports cars for some timed driving. The...
Lamborghini Veneno Arrives in Hong Kong

Lamborghini Veneno Arrives in Hong Kong

A Lamborghini Veneno has arrived in Hong Kong! It is the second Lamborghini Veneno delivery we know to have occurred, the first car was...
McLaren 650S MSO Concept at McLaren Guangzhou

McLaren 650S MSO Concept Arrives at McLaren Guangzhou

The McLaren 650S MSO Concept has landed in China, making one of its first stops at McLaren Guangzhou! The McLaren 650S MSO Concept was...

Lamborghini Brunch and Drive 2014 in Mumbai

Lamborghini Mumbai recently hosted the second installment of their annual supercar bonanza for its clientele, aptly called the 'Brunch and Drive'. The annual event...
Ten Hybrid Volkswagen's to Enter Chinese Market by 2018

Volkswagen Group Introducing Ten Hybrid/Electric Cars in China by 2018

Not too long after it was confirmed that Audi is preparing to launch a special plug-in hybrid variant of the Audi A6 specifically for...
Discovery Bay Hong Kong

Would you Pay 250,000 Euro for a Standard Golf Cart?

In Discovery Bay Hong Kong they do! Discovery Bay is a car-free residential area on Lantau island in Hong Kong. Residents use busses and...