Now Confirmed, 2016 Ford Focus RS Packs 345hp!

Ford has revealed the details for the 2016 Focus RS, with the high performance hatchback featuring the same all-aluminium 2.3-liter four-cylinder EcoBoost engine found in the new Mustang. However, this engine has been significantly upgraded to produce 345 hp and a peak torque of 470 Nm.

The third-generation Ford Focus RS was  first unveiled at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show and will be one of 12 high performance vehicles that will be introduced by Ford globally through 2020. It will also be the first RS-badged car to be sold worldwide, including the United States.

“We promised enthusiasts a serious driving machine and, with 350 PS under the hood, that is exactly what we will deliver,” Dave Pericak, Global Director at Ford Performance, said. “The stunning pace and innovative technology of the all-new Focus RS place it head-to-head with performance models from luxury and exotic marques, and it’s ready for the challenge.”

The 2016 Ford Focus RS will feature Ford’s Performance All-Wheel Drive system, which is equipped with Dynamic Torque Vectoring. Ford claims this will improve the car’s handling and will give the drivers much better grip when they are cutting through corners at high speed.

The Focus RS also features a Drift Mode and Launch Control. Meanwhile, the powertrain has been “specially engineered” for the Focus RS and the car has been tuned by the engineers to produce a sporty sound during performance driving.

“Inspiring performance demands an inspiring soundtrack,” Ford wrote in its press release. “Ford Performance engineers have tuned the RS to deliver a rewarding and sporty sound character during spirited driving, with the distinctive burbles and pops that are a RS signature.”

The increased power in the car is owing to the use of low-inertia twin-scroll turbocharger and the engine’s intake design, which allow for a greater air flow. Moreover, the exhaust system has an electronically controlled valve which helps in maintaining back pressure and noise output. Ford has taken measures to ensure that the cylinders are able to withstand high temperatures and the engine is able to meet the cooling demanded for tracks.

“This very special 2.3-litre EcoBoost unit will inspire drivers as they feel the surge of the turbo, and reward them as they take it to the red line – all delivered with a visceral sound guaranteed to put a smile on your face,” Pericak commented.

The Focus RS is being produced at Ford’s factory in Germany and the deliveries for the car will start in Europe from early 2016.

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