McLaren 675 LT at the Geneva Motor Show 2015

The McLaren 675LT, which has made its global debut at the Geneva Motor Show 2015, will be the lightest, most powerful and fastest model in the McLaren Super Series – and the most exclusive with global production pegged at just 500.

In an obsessive weight-reduction drive, the dry kerb weight has been slashed by over 100kg to just 1,230kg on what already seemed minimalist on the leanest sibling, details including a thinner windscreen and bulkhead glass, with polycarbonate engine cover.

The 675LT unveiled was finished in the new Chicane Grey, showcasing the £5,090 McLaren Club Sport pack option for on track action with titanium roll hoop with four-point harnesses and fire extinguisher.

Track-focused, this special has optimised aerodynamics, more power, track dynamics and aggressive driver engagement centred on the lightweight carbon fibre MonoCell chassis common to the Super Series, but with bespoke chassis set-up and powertrain.

McLaren 675 LT at the Geneva Motor Show 2015

As with its distant iconic forbear the 1997 McLaren F1 GTR ‘Longtail’, the track is widened front and rear, by 20mm. Lightweight springs have been stifferened by 63 per cent at the rear and 23 per cent at the front for more control and to match the 40 per cent increase in downforce from active aerodynamics and revised bywork.

The McLaren 675LT keeps the seven-speed SSG transmission found in the other Super Series models, with Normal, Sport or Track modes but with settings recalibrated for more eager action, better throttle response and gearshifts twice as fast – and with an audible ‘crack’ on up- and down-shifts. And to cap it all an all-new Electronic Stability Control (ESC) calibration should give the driver an even greater level of control.

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