Nissan GT-R Black Edition Lowered on Red Aluminum Strasse Wheels

The Nissan GT-R is a real game changer, a car that redefined the industry and had the likes of the Porsche 911 Turbo and Audi R8 very worried as the cheaper, faster and remarkably well engineered supercar slayer burst on the scene from seemingly nowhere!

Some may argue that as fast as the car maybe, it lack the visual drama and punch of other cars in the category. The car you see photographed here however, certainty seem to have added to the striking nature of the GT-R!

The car has been lowered to start with, giving the GT-R a touch more aggression. This modification is hugely overshadowed by the stunning Brushed Red Aluminum 20″ R10 Deep Concave Monoblock wheels that Strasse Wheels manufactured specifically for the car! They fitted the perfectly wide 20×10 front with the Michelin PSS 285/35/20 tires and the 20×12 rear with the Michelin PSS 335/30/20 tires to it to make sure it can grip as hard as ever. This is one seriously appealing GT-R!

Nissan GT-R Black Edition Lowered on Red Aluminum Strasse Wheels

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