Automotive wrapping has become a big deal for car enthusiasts, especially for owners wanting to make their already unique rides stand out even more! But who is the best automotive wrapper? West Coast Customs and Avery Dennison want to find out.

Over the past month, users have been voting on their favorite submissions to West Coast Customs’ Wrap Like A King contest. Voting is now in round three, with only eight competitors remaining. Eight will soon turn into four, and the judges at West Coast Customs will decide on the winner, who will have their car displayed at this year’s SEMA show in Las Vegas.

Among the final eight are a chrome green Lamborghini Gallardo, a matte red/matte black Mercedes SLS and ZR Auto’s Lamborghini Diablo done up in matte grey/matte black with yellow accents. Only the four submissions with the most votes will make it to the final round.

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