Marbella is home to a large number of supercars, and where you find supercars you find detailers! Top Car Detail is one of the most popular and our photographer stopped by to shoot some of the supercars that they detail for their high-end clientele.

Detailing is required as bad washes, use of incorrect accessories or poor quality products, creates a bad appearance and as a result cars doesn’t look as bright or reflect the light as they should. As you know, maintaining and cleaning perfectly a luxury cars is not easy, so needs the attention of professionals and specialist of detailing.

Cayeula Photography photographed a gallery of the transformation of a Gallardo Spyder which was wrapped in a stunning matte blue colour.

Zaid's articulate nature and artistic eye mean that he is able to attend launches, shows and other events as a very capable photojournalist. More recently Zaid has helped kindle relationships with some of the most influential and important figures in the industry making him an extremely valuable asset to GTspirit. Living in London means Zaid also reviews and experiences the most opulent restaurants and venues in the city.