Mansory Lamborghini Aventador

Our loyal readers might remember this car from our travels last year. This is of course, the Mansory Lamborghini Aventador we drove last year. It has been added to the stock lists of Russian supercar dealership Konig Motor Club. When it was released, this particular Aventador was the most extreme conversion you could carry out for the Aventador. Of course, the Carbonado has now surpassed it!

The bodywork is the most striking part of the package. The front body gets a new front apron with bigger air inlets, a new front lip and its daytime driving lights combined with new front wings, as well as a new bonnet with air inlets. The sides grow by 40 millimeters in width on the front axle and 50 millimeters on the rear axle. Side sills connect the front with the rear where a new carbon fiber diffuser is integrated into the new carbon fiber rear apron. A carbon fiber rear wing and a new engine compartment covers finish the look.


Thanks to an optimized engine-management system and a high performance exhaust system, both engine power and acceleration were improved inside the Mansory Aventador. The total power from its 12-cylinder engine has been lifted from 700hp to 754hp at 8,300rpm and 690Nm to 750Nm at 6,000rpm. The tweaked supercar accelerates from zero to 100km/h in 2.8 seconds, 0.1 seconds faster than stock. The top speed of 355km/h is 4km/h higher than the basic vehicle.

Inside, the fighter-styled starter button, which is protected by a red cover, has been moved to the roof while the center console received some carbon fiber trim. In place of the old button, a Limited Edition plaque has been added and in front of the driver you now have a center cluster with a touch of carbon fiber.

Mansory Lamborghini Aventador Interior

It shows less miles on the clock than when we drove it so we suspect this is a newly built car, finished in the same spec as the original show car! If you want it, Konig Motors have it advertised for €750,000. If you want to read our experiences with the Mansory Lamborghini Aventador then feel free to check out our review.

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