This is What a 1965 Koenigsegg Le Mans Racer Could Have Looked Like

Back in 1965, the ultimate title for the 24 Hours of Le Mans was being raced for from cars such as the Ford GT40 and Ferrari 250. However, just imagine for one second if one of the fastest and most exciting hypercar manufacturers from the past decade competed in that legendary racing event in the shape of a Koenigsegg.

Well thanks to designer Tamás Jakus we can see what a possible Koenigsegg Agera race car could have looked like back in the mid-1960’s in his creation dubbed the Koenigsegg Ghost racer. While no-one could ever accurately envisage how a supercar-based racecar like this could have looked like almost 60-years ago, Jakus’ design does incorporate the modern-day headlights and front air intakes of the Koenigsegg Agera as well as the sweeping lines and racing tires of racers of this age.

[Via Tamás Jakus]

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