RevoZport have unveiled their kit for the Nissan GT-R. The kit is subtle yet comprehensive and features updates for three key areas. The exterior receives upgrades consistent with the GT-R’s OEM look, interior components and exterior parts.

For the exterior, RevoZport offer an RZ lightweight vented bonnet, a DN lightweight trunk, a GT wing, a DN trunk, and R-track front splitter & cooling kit and an R track brake rotor cooling ducts. For a subtle OEM look, RevoZport offer a front splitter with ground effect, a front bonnet including vents, a front bumper grille, a front fender set, a rear diffuser, a rear trunk, a set of side skirts and a mirror cover set.


The GT-R also gets a 24 piece complete carbon fiber interior kit, a carbon fiber laminated steering wheel, a carbon fiber rear subwoofer and a carbon fiber shift knob.

As you can see, there’s a lot available. Pricing is available for all parts, we recommend contacting RevoZport if you are interested!

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