Top Gear fans are awaiting the return of Jeremy, Richard and James for a new season of Top Gear and their annual Top Gear Christmas Special. New information has been revealed last night that the special will go out a little late this year.

The show will be broadcasted in February, according to presenter James May, who also confirmed the next series will be six episodes rather than eight. Top Gear specials have been the centerpiece of the past four Christmases on BBC2, but this year this will not be the case. It will either be a Winter Special than a Christmas Special says Captain Slow.

It’s actually now a Winter Special in a very hot country. The reason is that it is part of the next series, our January/February one, which is quite a short one. We weren’t able to film it until quite late in the year and there is a lot of editing putting it together.
We would be rushing it a bit if we got it out before Christmas. We were already calling it ‘Top Gear’s February Christmas Special’.
At least we’ve avoided clashing with X Factor and I’m A Celebrity… There’s no point tearing your audience apart by dividing them.

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