New Details Ferrari F150 aka Enzo Successor

A number of new details have been released regarding Ferrari’s new flagship, the Ferrari F150 aka Enzo Successor. The information coming Autocar stated that the engine performance will reach a maximum of 850 to 900bhp and that the dry weight is only 1,100kg, 265kg lighter than reported earlier. According to company sources, the vehicle will be a true road-legal competition sports car.

Ferrari told the magazine that the whole car from the radical race-car driving position to the radical active aerodynamics will take the driving experience even closer to the fabled idea of a Formula 1 car for the road. The use of carbon fiber is evident after we saw the new monocoque in Paris two months ago. The new monocoque is cutting edge technology. It is said to be 20 percent lighter and but 27 percent stiffer than the Enzo’s chassis. A nomex honeycomb structure has been used which is sandwiched between two layers of hi-grade carbon fiber. Ferrari fitted a Kevlar protective plate on to the underside of the body, which protects components placed below the monocoque.

The mid-engine two-seater supercar will have a more fuel economic setup including a Formula 1-style KERS hybrid system. The electric motor is integral to a new torque-vectoring system. The total performance of the 7.3 liter V12 engine will be around 900hp, which means the F70 will have the highest horsepower of any street-legal Ferrari ever made. The F150’s CO2 emissions are claimed to be as much as 40 percent lower than would have been the case with the new V12 engine on its own. The engine features a new dual-clutch gearbox and a differential design.

Entering the supercar means opening the roof-hinged doors like the Enzo. The seating position for the driver is fixed in the monocoque and the seat itself will be moulded for the driver as a bespoke unit. The driver sits upright and his feet will also be raised up, race-car style.

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