Hurricane Sandy made landfall along the eastern seaboard of the United States earlier this week, leaving behind a swath of destruction, leaving many in New York without power to this very moment.

However, things were a bit worse in Port Newark, New Jersey where Jalopnik is reporting a total of 16 Fisker Karma’s have been destroyed by fire in the aftermath of Sandy – although not during the storm. Supposedly after the storm had passed and flood waters had calmed, 16 Karma’s were reportedly “submerged in a storm surge, then caught fire and exploded”, according to a source close to Jalopnik.

Prior Karma fires have claimed owners’ vehicles in Woodside California and Sugar Land, Texas, with multiple other accounts of fire being reported all across the United States. The Hurricane Sandy fires come after Fisker and A123 Systems, their battery supplier, recalled over 600 Karma’s due to a defect in the battery system that would, you guessed it – cause them to catch fire.

Fisker has since released a statement reassuring owners safety is the primary concern of Fisker, and that no injuries were reported in conjunction with the fires. You can see all the photos on Jalopnik, here.

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