Following a release of the brand new McLaren P1 Design Study, the Brits are planning the official debut of a special edition MP4-12C Fire Black Singapore Edition at the Singapore F1 Grand Prix.

The special batch of three limited cars will feature a special livery with an unusual colour and matching interior intended to match the Vodafone-McLaren Mercedes F1 car.

The Fire Black base color will be complemented by Rocket Red highlights and silver pin-stripes. Ultra-lightweight rims, special front and rear bumpers with more aggressive styling are also part of the package.

Each of the MP4-12C Fire Black Singapore Editions will be available at a S$1.28 million (800,000 Euros or US $1,04). One is still left, two are already sold.

McLaren MP4-12C Singapore Edition 01

[Via Teamspeed]


  1. So ….. one more in the recent string of Mclaren’s bowing to the inner fashionista

    Oh well . I guess they need to do something to get all those MP4-12C’s off the lot .

    Sad . You know the very minute one Special Edition after another starts coming out its because the company is in the financial ‘ weeds ‘

  2. @GuitarSlinger


    MP4-12C is selling like hot cakes, better than Ferrari competitor

    they don’t need special edition versions at all

    but why not? it looks gorgeous

    anyway, stay retarded