The Italians at Lamborghini have released a teaser video ahead of the official release of a new super sports car during the Geneva Motor Show next week. The video shows a Lamborghini driving through mountains and woods, but it is unclear what we see and hear. At the end of the video they share one single word; Unica, meaning only in Italian.

For those of you familiar with the sound of a Lamborghini, you will hear a clear and distinct V12 sound, which could refer to the Aventador Roadster rumoured to be released next week. But if you look closely at the car moving through the clip, it doesn’t look like an Aventador. So help us out! What Lamborghini sports car do you see in the video below?

The Italian sports car will make its official debut at the VAG event on Monday evening. Stay tuned for a complete story on our front page.

Geneva Motor Show 2012

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