The Ferrari Enzo, the Italian’s hypercar, was launched about a decade ago and rumours about its successor have surfaced numerous times. A new chapter was released today by

In an interview Ferrari CEO Amedeo Felisa told the automotive magazine, the new car, rumored to appear this fall, will feature 920hp, 800 of those horses developed from a 7.3 liter evolution of the 599 replacement’s V12, to be revealed on the 6th of March at the Geneva Auto Salon. The other 120hp is delivered by a KERS package which includes an electric motor offering a total of 920hp or zero-emissions travel.

The weight target of the new carbon fiber hypercar was inspired by the Millechili concept, refering to 1,000 kilograms, or 2,200 pounds. This means that the F70 should come close to the track-only FXX, which weighs 2550 pounds. It could even be quicker off the mark and faster overall than the 1,001hp Bugatti Veyron.

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