2014 BMW M3 Rumours

Following the trend set by other German manufacturers, BMW’s M Division will be branching out to include a Cayman rivaling M2 and a successor to the legendary M1 supercar if rumours are to be believed. AutoExpress has managed to coax information out of Dr Friedrich Nitschke, head of BMW’s M Division. There’s also some very interesting details talked about for the next-generation BMW M3.

On the subject of the M1, Nitschke seemed to indicate his interest in pursuing the project from a heritage perspective. There were no firm commitments or indications that the car is currently under development but we’d love to see something of this type come out of BMW’s performance division. A definite focus on cutting the development time of hot M Division models is evident though. We guess a lot of different options are on the table at the moment.

On the subject of the next-generation M3, due in 2014, Nitschke revealed that a brand new 3.3 liter six-cylinder engine is currently being evaluated. To produce the target 450bhp power figure M Division will fit two exhaust gas powered turbo alongside one electric powered unit; giving it three turbochargers overall. Lightweight bodywork will ensure the car retains its sporting pedigree.

One thing is defiantly for sure, M Division seems to be more active of late so we expect an honest attempt to catch up with the likes of Audi RS models and AMG models.

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