Mercedes SLS AMG impounded by Swiss police

Swiss police have impounded a brand new Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG that belonged to a 37-year old Swedish guy. The black Mercedes SLS AMG was impounded after the driver flew past a highway radar in the Swiss province of Freiburg 170km/h to fast. The police clocked the SLS AMG at 290km/h where 120km/h is allowed.

We know the Swiss are strict when it comes to speeding but reports in German media suggest the Swedish driver can face a penalty up to 1,08 million Swiss Francs (about € 782.000). Therefor the police did not only confiscate his license but also impounded his SLS AMG as a security for the potential penalty.

In Switzerland every speeding offense over 30km/h to fast is considered a criminal offense and the drivers income and wealth is considered when the judge rules on the penalty. A spokesperson for the local traffic authority suggests this will apply to this driver as well and that would be a first as the income based fines in Switzerland so far have only been applied to Swiss nationals.

The Mercedes SLS AMG can only be saved by a really good lawyer or by swallowing the bitter pill, the advice to everyone else would be to take it easy the next time they visit this little country in the Alps!

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