Maybach Exelero

The idea of the Maybach Exelero project was that there would only ever be one car designed for Fulda Tires as a homage. As this is probably in the hands of a collector, stashed away far from the publics eyes, anyone who wants a copy will naturally have to turn to a replica for the same look. JamesList are currently advertising a Maybach replica, to be built some time in the future, in Switzerland.

The car takes as its base a Dodge Viper with its 8.3 liter V10 and adds a supercharged to extract 800bhp, 100bhp more than the bi-turbo V12 that powered the original Excelero. The advert suggests that interiors and exterior colour can be catered to individual taste. If your interested, take a look at the original advert.

[Via TopSpeed]

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