Lexus LF-A Buyers Hand-picked in the US 480x280

In most cases getting a supercar means just buying one if you have sufficient funds. In some cases you will be hand-picked by the manufacturer, like with the Ferrari Enzo. In the case of the LF-A from Lexus something special will happen. Japanese buyers have reportedly already been spoken for the country’s complete line-up. The European buyers have to travel to the UK to get their hands on the Lexus supercar. In the States they have decided you can lease the vehicle and hand-picked by Lexus themselves.

According to the Wall Street Journal, “People selected to purchase the car will be based on factors such as the other cars they own, where they live, and how often and where they drive.” Hello!! It is a Lexus, not a supercar with a name ending with an ‘i’. A manager at Lexus stated the following, “We want it to be seen on the right roads, in front of the right restaurants and not just being enjoyed by one individual in their private garage.”

We are quite interested how this will end up. After all the demand of the Asian supercar is quite high and the amount of vehicles available is rather small.


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