Longest leg this Gumball 3000: over 1.489 kilometers through 6 countries, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia, Croatia, Hungary and Slovakia. This morning they will have a breakfast / lunch checkpoint in Dubrovnik, followed by an amazing drive through Croatia. In Bratislava they can finally catch up again with Jay Kay who drove from Frankfurt over Munich to Bratislava two days ago.

Note: Live tracker is back online!

Tirana to Dubrovnik Updates:

Team Polizei Update 9:45 CET:

Team Polizei leading convoy towards the Albanian border. Commander Kokolari of Albania National Security is with them to lead the way.

Team Polizei Update 10:13 CET:

Dinner with the Prime Minister of Albania and the city of Tirana were incredible. Team Polizei still driving towards the border with Commander Kokolari of Albania National Security. First stop: Dubrovnik!

Team Polizei Update 11:55 CET:

Stopped by Monternegro Police for overtaking. Back on the road, approaching Croatian border!

Team Polizei Update 12:07 CET:

Being taken to police station by cops in the town of Budva in Montenegro.

Team Polizei Update 12:25 CET:

Team Gomex (#45) is taking it easy today, the Speedart exhaust makes the noise of a fighter plane reaching the limiter.

Update 13:23 CET:

Team 80 arrived in Dubrovnik with their Porsche 911 Turbo.

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