The SSC Ultimate Aero scored a stunning number one position in the recent ‘Fastest American Car’ list of Forbes magazine. This list was based on topspeeds of factory-assembled vehicles by American manufacturers.

The SSC Ultimate Aero is one of the fastest cars to look forward to next year. The Ultimate Aero has a huge 1046 HP V8 engine. With the car weighing as much as a VW New Beetle that’s a guaranty for great performance. Talking about performance, SSC says the Ultimate Aero can reach speeds up to 273 mph based on Langley windtunnel calculations. A spokesperson of SSC wrote to Forbes that they did steady speeds of around 210 mph at a famous NASCAR track in Pennsylvania called Pocono with the Ultimate Aero. The question remains how well it handles. SSC plans to sell about 25 of these monsters worldwide.


Base Price: $654,500
Top Speed: 260+ mph (416 km/h+)
Horsepower: 1046 bhp @ 6950 rpm
0 to 60 mph: unknown
1/4 mile: unknown

The normal SSC Aero has ‘only’ 787 BHP and does the 0 to 60 mph in 2.94 seconds and the quarter mile in 10.98 seconds at 138 mph. We are really looking forward to see the performance of the Ultimate Aero. Here are some videos and pictures of the SSC Aero:


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SSC Aero SSC Aero
SSC Aero SSC Aero

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